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its great to be back and have a regular space for blog

i desided to keep on sharing my thoughts and ideas with microcosmos we have.

its so many angles we can dive in to. culture health mind spiritual aspects and health

artist development and human relations as well. music and art production recording sessions

management and public relations. i am up to write about upcoming and older musical art theatre and film projects and also will pull out some spotify or itunes playlist talking my taste and understanding of music. what else....

what else ... music education is another topic to dive in. my personal story and experience during last 25 years studding saxophones flutes piano and composition.

and modular synthesis and electronic music. lot of "how to" and "why to" and "what to" coming up during creative life. i am up to share my knowledge over it.

main question is shall i continue in english or latvian? who you are my reeders ?

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