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inner room and personal space

to create something you need to be focused on the topic. many times in my life i was up to end some projects even before they get were about to start. and there was only one reason - i was to busy. to busy in many aspects of live. in my mind and emotions. and what really means word "busy"?...

it's like you are over controlling your life. it's like you run in to the same cycle again and again and again...and sometimes with no reason. so your busyness is pointless and without deeper meaning. that is what makes your personal space unclean and that is what should be found again so you have to stop running. you should find your inner place....create it!

when i say "create" i mean a special place that is "peace" where all the magic is happening. that place belongs to you and the heaven. that is the place where you hear, see and get things done in right way and in clear brilliant way. and that is the place where you can get ideas in complete way.

that place has to be crystal clear from all the dirt that coverts your thoughts, memories and emotions. that place has to be safe from the past and even your future. i mean that place is a meeting point for human and creator where you can listen. during the practice you will find out how to organize, collect, feel , visualize your acts of your personal life.

so please try to build your personal place, space or room (you can call it whatever you feel like) for conversations, meditation where you can focus on one particular thing. not 1000000 but only one.

remember that on your way you will meet many small things and ideas and not all of them will be your real supporters, developers or keepers. try listen very deeply. so calm down, keep your room clear and focus on one " thing" you work on.

same idea of "inner room" or "personal space" works in any aspect of your life.

some guide lines how to start :

find your time.

find 5-10min of visualization, mediation or mind research to connect and to be connected every day.

start your day with a book or something that really inspires you. definitely not with social media. start you day with song of the joy, rise up your hands in gratitude and grace. start with new praise.

if you play any music instrument take it for 15 min and make some sound on it. find the joy till you feel energy around you. find resonance. connect your spirit with music and sounds you hear and keep that feeling (remember it!) for all the time. think about the presence of heavens. if you get find any ideas in the room: fix them on the paper and keep track them till you are done!


But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.

Matthew 6:6 / that's what Jesus say about the room /

good luck my friend!


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