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review on mark oselski " places" recording

“Places” by Mark Oselski

What is a classic jazz trio? What is classic piano trio? Can we name such ‘giants’ as Oskar Peterson, Ray Brown and Ed Thigpen or Duke Ellington, Charlie Mingus and Max Roach, Bill Evans trio or Ahmad Jamal trio as light houses of icons of jazz/piano trio examples?

It’s rhetorical question. Of course we can and we do! Evolution of music is connected with two different tendencies: legacy and future - creative spirit.

When I’m listening a piano trio, I have those cornerstones somewhere deep inside and I always keep it in my mind. That’s the compass of legacy...

Album “ Places“ released September 22, 2020.

Here I have recording by talented, pianist, producer and composer of today’s generation Mark Oselski.

We all know that music is international and specially in jazz we have no need for “passport” to be a part of it . Our ethnic roots are our fundament and gives us unique voice.

I would like to accent that Mark’s trio - all the band members are based in Moldova. A special place on this beautiful planet Earth.

Recording starts with energetic melody titled “Chisinau”. Composed in classical, swinging jazz style, up tempo tune. What a great melody to open a concert or start a new recording. I love trio’s energy and blending, interaction between drummer and bassist. On the first track you feel Mark’s technical abilities and full power ambition to sound strong. That’s what we need to hear when we talk about good fundament in improvisation and music in general. Mark has a good qualities of “momentum” as well as his band members Alex Zavalii (drums) and Nikita Morozov (bass). Great trio energy!

“Siberia” another composition i’d like to highlight. It’s a ballad. I don’t know why Mark has this title but I can feel eternity, space and intimacy at the same time. Pathetic and romantic arrangement for piano and double bass compliments best examples of classical romantic music. Second part of the song changes the mood to lightness and sentiment. All over this composition resonates and elevates “places“ to a different level.

Another story is next composition titled as “Jerusalem of gold “. It starts with a bass and piano interplay. This music brings many different colors. As I mentioned before I can hear legacy in Marks piano playing. In his playing you can hear a musical sentences, references of Chick Corea or even legendary McCoy Tyner piano technics in the arrangement. There is a good technical synergy between all the trio members. Trio feels like one good mechanism and united body.

One of my favourites compositions on this beautiful jazz record is “Carpathian Mountains”. Nice choice for “ending the story”. There is some gospel feel deep inside and let us think about eternity and that music continues even after this recording when the listening process will be ended.

And over all the recording brings us positive and light spirit and it is charged with romantic and warm energy. This music will always find a place in us to grow up like a good seed.

Special compliments on recording quality and sound production. Recording, mixing and mastering sounds balanced and well done by sound engineer Andrey Lifenco.

Mark Oselki recording “Places“ definitely has auditorium and followers. Another good story for the jazz world.

Review by

Deniss Pashkevich ( riga room records artistic visionary )

29.03.2021 Riga , Latvia

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Maddy Joun
Maddy Joun
Aug 28, 2022

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